Our Community



Learn about the kind of community we're growing

Our members live consciously together and with our environment. 

Our vision and core principles are based around our needs and common values. 



  • Community
  • Sustainability
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Education & Innovation 
  • Affordable & Accessible
  • Self Expression 


Our community is built together. We give love and time to each other, our community and to our neighbours. We actively participate in our communities present and future. We have a shared responsibility for each other and our environment and are committed to making our vision our reality.

We take the time to cook and eat together, work on house projects, cultivate a garden full of fresh fruit and vegetables, and take care of animals and children together. Every member of the community understands their responsibility to creating and maintaining a happy, healthy and productive home.

We share our time and resources with the larger community we are a part of as we are able. This may be sharing produce, volunteering our time with political, social, and environmental causes, and actively engaging in the democratic process at the local and national levels.


We make use of local resources and workshops and do construction and DIY work ourselves or with local businesses whenever possible. We  source communal products that we can’t grow ourselves come from ethical local farms and producers. We plan to have chickens to produce our own eggs and we are working together to grow our own fruit and vegetables with the aim of being self-sufficient wherever possible. We work to reduce our waste and plastic use, reuse, and recycle. We compost and reuse all food scraps.

As a community we source renewable energy and work to improve the energy efficiency of the house with insulation. Finally we’ll look towards generating our own energy with solar electric and solar hot water systems.

Health & Wellbeing

We make sure to balance our work with community living, with space to work from home comfortably and lots of shared indoor and outdoor spaces. 

We will make sure our community has open and honest communication and an understanding of personal and shared responsibilities. We will share skills and experiences, host yoga classes, and conduct regular activities and meetings to stay engaged and connected as a community. 

Education & Innovation

We all have different skills and expertise and we use those skills to help support one another and share and educate each other in self development, especially on skills that will make us more self sufficient and productive.

We encourage personal development, both academic and practical. Members are encouraged to think outside the box and come up with new innovative ideas for how to complete projects and work together. We look to share the benefits of these skills with the wider community we live in.

Affordable & Accessible

We want to work to change the narrative on home ownership and give more empowerment back to creative, ethical socially conscious individuals more committed to making a difference than making a profit. We want to give our members the option to gain equity in a property so that they can break free of the rental cycle and can collaboratively invest in their future.

Everyone is equal in their say in house decisions and planning. We have adopted a fully mutual governance model, so only the people living in the house are members, and everyone living in the house is a member. We also have a flat, transparent structure, with one member = one vote decision making at general meetings.

Self Expression

We encourage creativity in all its forms and create spaces for art creation, music, writing and growing. Expressions that encourage colour and light and joyous realisation of personal visions.

We want to create room to be the wonderful weird unique creatures we are and allow space to be loud or quiet, spend time with many friends or spend time alone. We respect each other’s needs and boundaries and work hard to ensure everyone in the cooperative feels respected and heard.